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The films are produced within a month and are profitable within two to three weeks of release. Most DVD movies easily sell more than 20, units, while the most successful ones sell over , Only a few can claim higher earnings. The World Bank estimates that for every legitimate copy sold, nine others are pirated.

Two-star general, Green Berets punished for deadly Niger ambush that killed 4 US soldiers

She adds that because there are currently few legal channels for exporting movies, few or no returns go to the filmmakers and practically no revenue goes to the government. Legitimate distributors also want an end to piracy. The effects of climate change are being felt in Africa; countries, organisations and individuals, including young people, are taking actions to tackle these effects. In this edition, we highlight some outstanding climate action initiatives by young Africans.

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Skip to main content. Get the free mobile apps Get the latest news from us on our apps. Welcome to the United Nations. Toggle navigation Language:. Will there love stand the test of time? When Esther married Henry, she a evil plans for him. A Nigerian movies. Igwe never knew he had a possessive girlfriend until Nerissa came to the village to visit her father and met Igwe.

A friendship sparked up between the two much to the annoyance of Tochukwu, Igwe's girlfriend.

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Watch out. Starring; Harry B. Florence Owanta, Stan K. What level of envy and jealousy can drive a lady into murdering her blood sister in a bid to take over her man?

This is outrageous. Both families thought that tribal and ethnic sentiment will discourage their children in loving each other, but love supersedes everything A Latest Nigerian African Nollywood Full English Movies. A humble woman who wouldn't give no one troubles.

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After she got on her knees and begged the lady to marry her father and the lady agreed, she didn't believe the beast she brought into the house. A Latest Nigerian Full Movies. What happens when they made the church their favorite catchment area? The lion took delight in Okagbue Francis Duru because he was worthy. The question remains will he be able to save the kingdom from the evil king?

Starring; CLEM A funny Nigerian Nollywood Comedy Movie that will get you reeling over with laughter.

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The love she has for her fiance is unexplainanable; she is set to be with him for the rest of her life not until the hidden secret creeps out from the dark A Patience Ozokwor Movies. He promised his sons that whoever could make him find happiness again, would succeed him. The quest just began! The sons were competing amongst themselves Richard and Adaora are very close childhood friends. They lost contact when Richard travelled abroad for studies. Adaora meets a guy on facebook, serious relationship ensues, and plans for marriage is underway, until Juliet came into the picture.

Junior picked his cousin and childhood best friend Richard from the village to the city to help him start a new life. Richard's greed and envy, pushes him to plot the downfall of Junior and his family. But there is a payday to reckon with for every deed of man. Find out how Richard retribution came.

The present prince is not aware of this fact that his own step brother was a victim of the tradition and now his own life is at stake. Topics: Youtube, video, Entertainment, nigerian movies, nollywood latest movies , latest nigerian Thrilling latest african Nigerian Nollywood Movies latest full Movies. When his father died and left no inheritance for him, anger and bitterness took a strong hold of him and he killed an innocent soul along with his family.

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Now his evils are rising against him. Will he be able to wade it off and live his normal life after his heinous crime? Zara Genevieve Nnaji a hard nosed workaholic who is single because she is too busy for love. Her friends are determined to find her a man and set her up with Bernard Desmond Elliot a self centred arrogant bore who they deceive her into having dinner with. After this failed attempt she swears herself off dating men her friends set her up with however ends up dating Tyrone Majid Michel but everything is not what it appears Dustin Wright were killed in the deadly Oct.

The Green Beret team and 30 Nigerien troops were returning from a village near the Malian border when they were overrun by scores of extremist fighters.

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The team had originally been heading toward the Niger-Mali border in order to conduct a capture or kill mission against an Islamic State group leader named Doundoun Cheffou. Weather caused the helicopter team to be scrubbed, and the ground team continued alone. The Green Berets did not find Cheffou at his campsite and headed to the nearby village of Tongo Tongo for a key leader engagement. The investigation found that while the team was authorized to perform key leader engagements and advising for local forces, they were not authorized to perform capture or kill missions.

The concept of operations paperwork sent up through the chain of command reportedly mischaracterized the nature of the mission. Had the Green Beret team been clear about their intent to pursue Cheffou, a higher level of review would have been required.

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The investigation determined that the commanders who filed the paperwork were not being intentionally deceptive. Since the ambush, AFRICOM has made several changes to better protect troops, including giving forces armored vehicles rather than low-visibility ones, providing armed drones to provide overwatch, and cutting the response time for medical evacuations. Kyle Rempfer is a staff reporter for Military Times. He previously served an enlistment in U.