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Sometimes, however, some areas of your body need extra help. The thighs, stomach, buttocks and the tops of the legs are often the areas where fat is hardest to shift.

This should never be a reason to give up, or to revert to an unhealthy lifestyle. There is a surgical procedure that can make a visible difference to your body shape and remove a lot of that stubborn fat. It is called liposuction surgery and we perform it here at the Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic. We have seen a number of benefits to liposuction. Firstly, it permits the removal of stubborn fat from areas of the body that have not been improved by a proper diet and exercise program. Stubborn fat deposits can be caused by genetics, body shape and hormonal status.

Liposuction helps to remove this fat and sculpts the body to improve contour and proportions. With a significant portion of fat removed from prominent areas in conjunction with the natural weight loss from other areas of the body, the results can be quite dramatic. This in turn can have a positive effect on self esteem. Our patients have reported an immediate boost to their self image and confidence when they see how beautifully new clothes fit and how much easier it is to exercise with this fat gone. Vegan 0. Vegetarian 0. Vietnamese 0.

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Target Stubborn Areas of Fat with Laser Lipo

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What's Included

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  3. Liposuction / Laser Liposculpture.
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    Lipoderm Clinic

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